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Cleaning produced water and frac flowback water is the current focus of Altela, though the technology can be used for many different types of applications.

Altela's clean, treated produced water re-used by Navajo Nation
AltelaRain® systems have successfully treated produced water in the U.S. and Canada. Multiple commercial sites have been commissioned from the Marcellus Shale natural gas basin of Pennsylvania, the San Juan Basin of New Mexico, the Piceance Basin of Colorado and up to Alberta Canada. The process has been recognized and approved by all necessary regulatory government agencies for these locations.

Clean water from our system has been successfully re-used by the Navajo Nation from a well site in northwestern New Mexico, saving the people in the region from having to travel hundreds of miles for clean water.

Treated produced water from our system, with an EPA-based permit from the State of Colorado, was clean enough to discharge into the most pristine stretch of the Colorado River.

Particularly in the Marcellus Shale, through a project with the U.S. DOE's NETL (National Energy Technology Laboratory), Altela's system was proven to treat frac water to well below safe limits, and even below legal reporting limits, suitable for beneficial re‐use by well operators for additional stimulations and also suitable to be discharged to surface waterways.
View a few examples of Altela's NETL project water quality results here.

Other than treating treating highly-challenged, mixed-contaminant, oilfield waste water (including barium, strontium, and radium/radon constituents), Altela can treat any type of water including industrial wastewater treatment/recycling, leachate, cooling tower “blowdown” water from electrical power generating stations, contaminated ground water, and more.

Altela's current product is the AltelaRain® 750.
Benefits include:
Low capital requirements
Low operating cost
Precise control of economics
Reduced facilities requirement: can be placed in a tent or existing building
Infinitely scalable: connect multiple modules together for right-sized capacity
Low maintenance: no high-pressure systems, no metal to foul or scale, no membranes to replace
Extremely high quality of treated water