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> AltelaRain® Solution

The AltelaRain® solution not only provides each customer with the technology required to successfully treat and purify highly challenged water (such as frac and produced water), but also delivers a complete environmental permitting package, including treatment system permits, discharge and land application permits, and reclamation planning. Altela's unique multidisciplinary expertise, including in-house legal and engineering consulting services, provides a proven solution to produced water cost mitigation.

Even the DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) validated Altela's ability to successfully deploy in a cost-effective manner to treat the produced and flowback water from Marcellus Shale, and that it can operate within state and federal regulatory requirements. View NETL News Release plus the PA DEP Water Analytical Report here.

Altela has a nationally recognized regulatory permitting and compliance division that has repeatedly acquired ‘first-ever’ produced water and frac water treatment, site, and discharge permits. Altela welcomes the opportunity to review the project’s environmental permitting requirements and is able to assist the customer in acquiring the necessary regulatory approvals and associated re-use and recycling framework.

Such Altela services are quoted on an individual project basis.

Through Altela's professional services division, the company has successfully acquired several precedent-setting environmental permits to discharge the cleaned water (for irrigation, livestock use, aquifer recharge and in-stream water right flows) – as well as provide it back to the customer for frac and other well completion needs. Some of hese permits include:

  • 2009 & 2010: Marcellus PA DEP Approvals for both mobile and stationary AltelaRain® Systems

  • 2009: CO General Permit issued for re-use

  • 2008: AltelaRain® Pilot Permit in Canada

  • 2008: Precedent-setting U.S. EPA-based approval to discharge treated, clean produced water into the Colorado River Basin

  • 2008: First-ever non-tributary water right approval for beneficial use of treated, clean produced water in Colorado within the Colorado River Basin (Piceance Basin)

  • 2007: First-ever Navajo Nation environmental permit to surface discharge treated, purified produced water for irrigation, livestock and agricultural re-use

  • 2007: First-ever U.S. EPA-based approval for a centralized produced water treatment facility for in-stream flow and aquifer recharge through a publicly owned treatment works (POTW)

  • 2005: First-ever approval in New Mexico to surface discharge treated, purified produced water for re-use