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Introducing the
AltelaRain® 750

Altela has redefined the fundamentals of water purification. With world-changing implications, the technology has practical and realistic applications. AltelaRain® 750 is a modular water desalination system that excels at treating highly challenged wastewater. Taking the simplest of nature’s processes for purifying water — making rain — and through revolutionary technology, AltelaRain® 750 recreates that process using low energy and readily available materials compared with conventional thermal distillation.

Benefits include:
Low capital requirements
Low operating cost
Precise control of economics
Low maintenance
Infinitely scalable
Reduced facility requirement
Extremely high quality of treated water

The AltelaRain® 750 Module treats approximately 31,500 gallons per day, the equivalent of 750 barrels per day. It concentrates incoming water to 20% or less of the original volume delivered by the customer (eliminating 4 out of 5 disposal trucks), and at the same time returns ~55% of the original volume back to the customer as clean, distilled water. The treated water quality meets or exceeds even the most stringent U.S. government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

One AltelaRain® 750 Module consists of:
- 12 Towers /1,600 lbs. (725 kg) each (Dry)
- 1 Center piping chase /7,500 lbs. (3,402 kg) (Dry)
- 1 Heat exchanger chase /5,400 lbs. (2,450 kg)
- 1 150 HP Steam Boiler (Can be supplied by Altela as an option)
- Misc. equipment /4,000 lbs. (1,815 kg)

Shipping Weight: 36,000 lbs. (16,330 kg)
Dimensions: ~40’ long x 13’ wide x 14’ tall
Footprint: 520 square feet (40’ x 13’) without boiler

Inexpensive polypropylene plastic eliminates fouling/scaling

- Level and structurally stable concrete or gravel floor
- Tent roofing or existing building
- Electrical service to the Module panels: 460V three-phase @ 65 RLA/75 FLA, 110V single-phase @ 15 RLA/60 FLA
- Tanks: 2 Produced Water / Frac Water tanks, between 5,000 and 12,500 gallon capacity, 1 Concentrate Water tank between 1,500 and 5,000 gallon capacity, 1 Distilled Water tank between 4,000 and 10,000 gallon capacity
- Piping between Module and all tanks
- Air exhaust for saturated air venting
- Piping or trucking for all water

What’s new?
Altela has developed the world’s first multiple effect distillation technology that does not require pressure. With the removal of the pressure requirements and through the use of plastics, dramatic energy and cap-ex benefits can be realized.

What energy drives the process?
The AltelaRain® technology operates at low temperatures similar to nature’s process for making rain and therefore can utilize low grade waste heat, natural gas or solar.

How much energy is required?
Altela uses approximately 0.2 MCF of natural gas per barrel of water treated and approximately 1.0 kWh per barrel of water treated.

What is the efficiency?
The Module can reduce effluent disposal volumes by as much as 90%.

What is the quality of the treated water?
Independent water quality tests confirm that the treated water is distilled water quality historically well below 250 ppm TDS. Each Module produces ~400 BPD of useable clean water that may be delivered back to the customer.

How long does it take to receive my order?
Current orders are being delivered within 60 days from receipt of down-payment.

Can it be custom manufactured?
The AltelaRain® technology is scalable and can be produced in customizable configurations to fit individual project needs in 2,625 gallons per day, 62.5 barrel per day, increments.

What maintenance is required?
Each Module requires ~5 hours per week in routine maintenance. Use of plastic minimizes or eliminates many traditional maintenance issues directly related to scaling, fouling or corrosion.

Where does the reject stream go?
Altela’s concentrate stream retains its RCRA exemption and is disposed of in UIC reinjection or alternate approved commercial disposal facilities.

Please contact an Altela Sales Representative for pricing FOB Albuquerque, NM USA. Included: 12 Towers, one piping and tank support center chase, pumps and installation. A third party steam boiler can be provided at an additional price FOB Albuquerque, NM USA.

Upon completion and execution of Altela’s standard Sales and Services Agreement, a Module can be delivered within 60 days following receipt of the deposit, with each follow-up Module being shipped every 30 days thereafter.

- Produced water and frac water treatment volume requirement (in barrels per day or gallons per day)
- Characterization of water quality of influent stream, desired and optimum recovery rate and required clean water quality discharge standards

- Level and structurally stable floor
- Tent roofing or existing building
- Electrical service to the Module panels: 460V three-phase @ 65 RLA/75 FLA, 110V single-phase @ 15 RLA/60 FLA
- Tanks and piping

Altela has a nationally recognized regulatory permitting and compliance division that has repeatedly acquired ‘first-ever’ produced water and frac water treatment, site, and discharge permits. Altela welcomes the opportunity to review the project’s environmental permitting requirements and is able to assist the customer in acquiring the necessary regulatory approvals and associated re-use and recycling framework. These Altela services are quoted on an individual project basis.

Please contact Altela’s Sales Department at (303) 993-1950 or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)