Claim Mortgage Interest


The law also increased the standard deduction, which will reduce how many homeowners claim the itemized deduction for mortgage interest.

The Shame of the Mortgage-Interest Deduction. only one-quarter of them claim the deduction, which sometimes gets abbreviated to MID.

An estimated 13.8 million taxpayers will be able to use the deduction for mortgage interest in 2018, down from more than 32.3 million last year.

Table 1 illustrates the regressive nature of the home mortgage interest deduction. Those in lower income groups claim few deductions, while.

With the new tax law passed in late 2017, not everyone who previously deducted mortgage interest from their taxes will be able to in 2018.

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There are various scenarios to think about in the event you’re looking to buy, sell or re-mortgage after Brexit.

The IRS has lots of rules and guidelines to claiming the mortgage interest tax deduction. We’ll outline the basics here. You can deduct the interest on your mortgage on up to 1 million dollars of your home mortgage debt (or up to $500,000 if you’re married and filing separately).

But focusing on the mortgage interest deduction rules alone is not enough to determine whether you will take the mortgage interest deduction. You still have to take into account your other itemized deductions to see if itemizing makes sense. (And remember, itemized deductions only matter when they are, in total, greater than your standard deduction.)

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Mortgage Interest for Unmarried Individuals. If you’re unmarried, normally only one person can claim the mortgage interest deduction even if you both made payments. According to IRS Publication 530, the person whose name and Social Security number is listed on the Form 1098 is the one who should claim the deduction.