How Long Is A Score In Terms Of Years


Define fourscore. fourscore synonyms, fourscore pronunciation, fourscore translation, English dictionary definition of fourscore. adj. Four times twenty; eighty. determiner an archaic word for eighty adj. four times twenty; eighty.

Statistics - Find the z score score (skr) n. 1. Sports & Games a. A usually numerical record of a competitive event: keeping score. b. The total number of points made by each competitor or side in a contest, either final or at a given stage: The score stood tied in the bottom of the ninth inning. c. The number of points attributed.

There are 20 years in a score. The word "score" can be used to mean a set or group of any 20 items, not just years. The English word "score" is likely derived from an Old Norse word, "skora," which was used to mean a notch or a tally in addition to meaning the number 20.

In the Bible, Jesus himself never promises that a person’s life lasts threescore and ten, or 70 years. However, Psalm 90:10 does make a reference to that period of time, saying, "The days of our years are threescore years and ten." Since a "score" means 20, "threescore and ten" refers to the number 70. "Threescore equals three times 20, or 60.

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Fourscore definition is – being four times twenty : eighty. Time Traveler for fourscore. The first known use of fourscore was in the 13th century. See more words from the same century